QHHT / BQH For Inner Awakenings

What can I explore in a QHHT/BQH session?


Understanding your soul’s perspective on your current life:
Bring clarity~
Integrate parts of your consciousness
Release parts that are no longer serving you


Our body carries memories from the past.
Illness could perhaps be trying to give you a “message” before you can heal from it completely.

Abundance block:

Past life vows stop us from receiving abundance. Release these conditionings.
Allow abundance to flow into all areas of your life on earth.

Love/ Relationships:

Know more about your contracts with your soul group. Explore the contracts that may have expired, yet you are holding on to them.
Tearing up contracts; release bondage and discover greater freedom!
Embrace love! Twin flame

Cosmic Connections: (Starseed)

Past lives in other planets/ stars/ galaxies and other dimensions.
Does it feel like this is your first time on earth?

Who are we?

We are divine sovereign beings. Time to assume and take responsibility for our purpose on being on earth, now!

 How can it benefit me?
We carry forward memories from our past lives. They can be very painful at a physical and an emotional level. A session helps you to understand, release and heal from such memories, which are perhaps stopping you from living your most abundant and joyful life.
Is there any side effect?
There are no side effects. It’s a process of guided deep relaxation. Your sleep may get better.
What kind of questions can I ask and how many ?
You can ask questions pertaining to your life; your relationship, health, finances, life purpose, your children, close family members. You can ask about unexplained fear/phobia/ OCD/ depression/ confusion/ panic attack/ obesity- reasons and healing from it, your unique life purpose, etc. Or, you don’t feel at home on this planet.

You can ask any number of questions, but here’s the key- keep your questions to 20 Max. We will dig deeper into every question. So no need to write down everything. Make them as precise as sharp as possible. Remember all answers are within you.








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